Purchasing an Alta Redshift from Motovate Performance

We feel that when someone buys a $15,000 off road motorcycle, it should be delivered to our customer set up and completely customized for them.

We have the greatest value proposition for new Alta Redshift customers that you will find anywhere in the country!

  • The suspension technician at Motovate will set up the suspension to your weight, riding ability and type of riding you will be doing. This includes spring rates, oil height, sag and even revalving if necessary.

  • If your height or riding preferences requires a different bend or height bar you can choose that as well. 

  • Your new Alta will come with custom graphics of your design, including your name, number and any sponsors you want to promote.

Lastly, purchasing an Alta from Motovate Performance gives you a complimentary one year membership in the Team Motovate Buyers Club.

Members of the Team Motovate Buyers Club purchase all aftermarket accessories, clothing and riding gear (for themselves) at just 15% over dealer cost. This is significantly less than the online stores charge and can save you big dollars all year long.

At Motovate Performance, you can expect White Glove service when you purchase your new Alta Redshift