Certified Ducati Mechanic

I've been riding since I was a kid. Probably started around 10-11 years old. First bike was an '87 Kawasaki KD80. Cool little trail bike. I had a couple of other dirtbikes growing up.

I made the switch to street bikes when I was 19. First one was a Suzuki Katana 750. Nothing to write home about but it worked. My first Ducati was in 2010. It was a 2005 Monster S4R. Perfect mix of a street bike chassis and a superbike motor. One of those bikes you'd say, "I wish I never sold that." I had originally signed up to go to school for Asian motorcycles. But that Ducati made me change my mind instantaneously!

From there I went to Wyotech and graduated with high honors in their European program and was Certified Level 1. We were taught everything for Level 2 so we would be ready to take the test as soon as we joined a dealer. Never cared much for the dealer atmosphere so I looked around for other options. After some searching around, I found Steve Saucier from European cycle services down in Middletown, NY. If you're ever down in the area, I recommend stopping by to see these guys! Amazing techs and some of the most down to earth people I've ever met. They sure taught me a lot while I was there. Family and friends brought me back to the Finger Lakes region which is where I grew up.

I now work full time for G.W. Lisk as a test technician for their Military/Aerospace engineering department. I build and test prototype valves installed on planes, tanks, guns, satellites, space stations, etc. I still continue to work on motorcycles out of sheer passion for them. There is nothing like ripping down a track where the only limiting factor is myself.