Exotic Bike Service

Specializing in Ducati and Aprilia

Complete motor tear downs

  • Valve adjustment
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Oil service (includes oil/filter, chain lube and adj. & general check over)
  • Wheel bearings, steering head bearings, swing-arm bearing replacement
  • Fork seal replacement and suspension set-up
  • Brake pads and brake fluids
  • Chain and sprockets
  • Carb/Throttle body sync
  • Fuel filters
  • Race bodywork fitment

Aftermarket parts/performance upgrades ‡ ECU’s can be sent out to be re-flashed.

The Ducati Mathesis tool provides compatibility with the following ECU’s:
Marelli IAW P8, 1.5M, 1.6M, 1.6M/B1 and 5.9M
Reset service lights, TPS reset, delete error codes, Perform active tests such as: ignition coils, injectors, radiator fans, tachometer and more.